Simple Pure CSS Tooltip Library – btooltips.css

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Last Update: July 6, 2016
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Simple Pure CSS Tooltip Library – btooltips.css


btooltips.css is a simple, plain, lightweight CSS library that displays nice-looking tooltips with optional directions on any DOM elements when hovered.

How to use it:

Just add the minified version of btooltips.css into your html page and done.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="btooltips.css">

Add the CSS class ‘btips’ to element in which you want to display the tooltip. You’re able to add any content into the tooltip popup via both title and data-title attributes.

<a class="btips" title="Tooltip content">

Change the default direction with following CSS classes.

<a class="btips">
<a class="btips b">
<a class="btips l">
<a class="btips r">


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