Set WooCommerce Product Short Description Limit

WooCommerce has a filter that can limit the words in a product short description field  called ‘woocommerce_short_description‘ – coupled with an existing WordPress function ‘wp_trim_words‘ we can make the description any length to suit teasers, sliders etc and leave other areas where we want the full short description.

add_filter( 'woocommerce_short_description', 'prefix_filter_woocommerce_short_description' );
 * Limit WooCommerce Short Description Field
function prefix_filter_woocommerce_short_description( $post_post_excerpt ) { 
    // make filter magic happen here... 
    if(! is_product() ) { // add in conditionals
        $text = $post_post_excerpt; 
        $words = 10; // change word length
        $more = ' […]'; // add a more cta
        $post_post_excerpt = wp_trim_words( $text, $words, $more );
    return $post_post_excerpt; 

One comment

  1. This script also affects the archive description, which is being treated as a post excerpt. How do get the script to only look at product listing short descriptions on archive page without affecting the archive desciption?

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