Sass Library For Typography With Perfect Vertical Rhythm – shevy

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Sass Library For Typography With Perfect Vertical Rhythm – shevy


Shevy is a simple, configurable Sass library for typography with perfect vertical rhythm.

Vertical rhythm, the “pace” at which objects and words are spaced vertically on a page. It’s one of life’s most unnoticeable pleasantries. It only sticks out when it’s bad.

People shouldn’t miss your message because of poorly spaced typography, and you shouldn’t have to spend more time than necessary getting vertical rhythm correct. While Shevy can’t help you pick out the best fonts, it’ll make sure your fonts are perfectly spaced up and down the page.

Did I mention it works responsively, too?

That’s right. You can reset your typography module by module, breakpoint by breakpoint and maintain perfect vertical rhythm (within your module or breakpoint of course).

How to use it:

Check the Official Documentation.

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