Pseudo Selector (Target Selector)

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Today in this blog we can create Pseudo Selector (Target Selector). Earlier I have shared a blog on Bootstrap Dropdown Menu.

Pseudo selector

The Pseudo selector are used to change the appearance of existing element by using a pseudo name. They are define by using ” : “ along with element name or class name.


/*-----The syntax of pseudo-classes ------------*/

selector:pseudo-class {
  property: value;


It is selector use for applying effects for any element that becomes a target in the page. The element must be define with an ID and and the ID are refer from URL using ” # “

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- code by CodeitHub ( ) -->
            border:solid 1px black;
            margin: 10px;
            padding: 10px;
     <title>Target selector by Codeithub </title>
            <a href="#html">HTML</a>
            <a href="#css">CSS</a>
            <a href="#js">java script</a>
        <section style="margin-top: 30px;">
        <div id="html" class="section"> HTML tutorial</div>
        <div id="css" class="section"> css tutorial</div>
        <div id="js" class="section"> java script tutorial</div>

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