Intuitive Responsive CSS/SCSS Framework – fictoan

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Last Update: November 1, 2018
License: MIT


Intuitive Responsive CSS/SCSS Framework – fictoan


A responsive, customizable, modular and open source HTML5/CSS/SCSS framework for creating modern clean web pages and web applications.

How to use it:

Clone or download the fictoan and then insert the CSS file fictoan.min.css into the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/fictoan.css">

Customize the fictoan framework in the scss files.

//  Add your project-specific variables here
$fontSans : "Archia", sans-serif;
$paraFontSize : 0.94em;
$buttonGradientStartColour-eg : $colorPink-80;
$buttonGradientEndColour-eg   : $colorGreen-90;



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