Formatting Text Input Content with Cleave.js

Use-Cases of this Tutorial

  • Javascript library to automatically maintain a proper format for input text while the user is typing (date, time, credits cards etc).
  • Javascript library to detect type of credit card based on user input.

While creating HTML forms, we need to make sure that some types are in a valid format :

  • Date & Time : User can enter only specific format like YYYY-MM-DD, hh:mm etc
  • Credit Card Numbers : User can enter 16 digits starting with 4 for a Visa card. For an Amex card it will be 15 digits starting with 34/37. etc
  • Phone Numbers : User can enter a US phone number of the format 634 634 6346, or of a different format
  • Numbers : User can enter a currency as “thousand” style (6,555,555) or “lakh” style (65,55,555)
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We can allow the user to enter any input, do a validation and show an error message. But for a better user experience, it would be better if the user can get an idea of the format while he is typing in the text field.

Cleave.js does exactly this — formats an <input type=”text” /> while the user is typing.


Try typing a date of the format YYYY-MM-DD in the below textbox.

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You can also find demo for other options.

Types of Options Supported

  • Credit Cards : Format as credit card. It can also detect the type of the card – Visa, Master, Amex etc.
  • Phone Numbers : Format as phone number of a specific country. It supports formats of most countries.
  • Date : Format as date, according to a given pattern (YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY/MM/DD etc)
  • Time : Format as time according to a pattern
  • Numerals : Format as a numeral. Delimiters can be set for decimals mark, enter a positive number only, set the scale of decimal etc. Lot many options are supported here.
  • Custom Formatting : We can also supply our own custom format
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Including Cleave.js in Code

The simplest way to use Cleave.js is to directly include its Javascript files. You can include it locally or from a CDN such as cdnjs.

You can also install it as a npm module. Components are also available for ReactJS and Angular.

Code for using Cleave.js would look something like :

// format as 'YYYY-MM-DD'
var yyyymmdd = new Cleave('#cleave-text', {
    date: true,
    delimiter: '-',
    datePattern: ['Y', 'm', 'd']

More Information

The complete documentation, options and demos for Cleave.js can be found here.

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