Customizable Creative Buttons For The Web – sbuttons

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Customizable Creative Buttons For The Web – sbuttons


sbuttons is a CSS library to create simple, customizable, creative buttons for web buttons, CTA buttons, social sharing buttons, and anything you can imagine.


  • Easy to customize via LESS.
  • 17+ button styles such as Rounded, Disabled, Dotted, etc.
  • 8 pre-built themes like Neumorphic, Windows 95, Handdrawn, etc.
  • Allows to insert custom icons to buttons.
  • 30+ cool animations.

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Basic Usage:

1. Install the sbuttons with NPM.

$ npm i sbuttons --save

2. Import the sbuttons.min.css into the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/path/to/dist/sbuttons.min.css" />

3. Create basic buttons as follows. All possible color variants:

  • blue-btn
  • pink-btn
  • red-btn
  • green-btn
  • yellow-btn
  • orange-btn
  • purple-btn
  • black-btn
  • white-btn
<button class="sbtn basic-btn pink-btn">

3. Create rounded buttons.

<button class="sbtn basic-btn pink-btn rounded-btn">

4. Create block buttons.

<button class="sbtn basic-btn pink-btn block-btn">

5. See the official website for detailed usages and complete demos.

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